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Four seasons applicable sleeping bag enlarged and widened, comfortable sleep a whole night.
This sleeping bag can be pulled to the bottom, spacious area material can be turned out as a sleeping mat.
Warm hollow cotton sleeping bag, lock temperature longer, sleep more safely.
Compress to receive, said to walk away. Cross-fixed packing, compressed smaller, more portable.


Filling: polyester fiber
Comfort temperature: 15°C
Size: (200+30) X 100cm
Fabric: Terylene
Category: Cotton Sleeping Bag
Use: outdoor product
Type: Warm Weather
Style A: 1.5kg gray, free pillow
Style B: 2.5kg gray, free pillow
Style C: 1.5kg gray + net bag free pillow
Style D: 2.5kg gray + net bag free pillow

Package Content:

1*Sleeping Bag